Barbecue Competitions

Barbecue competitions held across the continental US every year are more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

If you know of a Barbecue Competition event that is not listed here please contact me with all of the details and I will add it on as well.

I have had many people call and email wanting to know about barbecue competitions in various locations and the truth is that some areas are just kind of dry on this subject.

If you want to compete you may need to be willing to drive a ways to do so.

Barbecue Competition Schedules

These links of barbecue competition schedules will open a new page. When you are done looking simply close that page to come back here.

Kansa City Barbecue Society Competitions

LoneStar Barbecue Society Competitions

Texas Cook-Offs

New England Barbecue Society

International Barbeque Cookers Association

Florida Barbecue Association

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