A barbecue concession trailer business is a good way to make money with your barbecue.. this may not interest some of you but I have friends who rake in the cash every year at our local state fair doing what they love to do!

I recently acquired a concession trailer site and it happens to be about the concession business and has some pretty good information about how to go thru the process of having a barbecue concession trailer built and how to get thru the red tape without going crazy.

It also goes into some detail about the roadside espresso/coffee business as well. From what I have gathered.. this is a really big deal up north and is aquiring some popularity in the south.

I did not write the content (although I will be doing some research and adding to the site soon) but it is sound and good advice that could help you immensely if you are someone who is interested in the concession business.

You will need a smoker if you plan to smoke meat and sell it and from what I have seen and researched.. the best place for your smoker is on the back side of the trailer. I saw one model that had a custom made back porch on the trailer with a smoker/rotisserie that was as wide as the porch and allowed you to walk out of the trailer and get the meat off of the smoker for easy serving.

I have also seen barbecue trailers with a separate trailer mounted smoker and I suppose this would work well also but would require an extra vehicle to pull it.

This is not my specialty but you do need to know that there are folks that do this full time and if you are able to produce good smoked meat then people will buy it.

The barbecue concession trailer business is definitely something to think about.


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