FAQ – How to Find Different Barbecue Woods like Apple, Plum, Peach, Pecan, Etc.

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Q: Could you give me a good place to buy wood CHUNKS for smoking.I would like to try different types.Hickory and Mesquite is all I have found in chunks.Thanks

A: I wish I had a good answer for you on that.. the best way I have been able to find the good flavored wood like apple, plum, cherry, etc. is to just find someone who needed a tree cut down and I would offer my services in exchange for the wood.

You can order some of these more exotic wood chips (no chunks though) at amazon.com if you want to pay the prices. I think a 1.5 pound bag of apple chips is $7.99.

Other brick and mortar places that may have various chunks of wood are Academy Sports, Ace Hardware, Lowes, and Home Depot. Also try your local hardware store if you don't have an Ace where you live.

I have links to several different types of these exotic wood chips on the Barbecue Woods page


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  1. Dan Summers says:

    I just began working for a company called Rare Earth Hardwoods and having been a butcher for several years when I was younger, am eager to try smoking meats with some exotic woods.  I came accross this article actually looking for a good place to start.  We have some very unusual woods from around the world and most articles I find about smoking focus on domestic woods.

  2. BassPro shops and Sportsman's warehouse seem to carry some chunks at a decent price. 

  3. Brock bowman says:

    Look around for someone that does woodworking.  I use a lot of cherry and always have scraps laying around…not so much fruit woods though


  4. home depot or lowes has the common ones….mesquite,hickory,pecan,cherry,apple and alder

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