Jeff’s Rubs Now Available in a Bottle

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I've had thousands of you over the years email asking me to provide the rubs and sauce recipe already made in a bottle and, while it may have taken me a long time, I finally delivered!

We worked hard on these products to make sure they did not have anything weird in them like MSG, silicon dioxide, yeast, preservatives, artificial colors, etc. and as a result of our hard work, you get 100% all natural ingredients that you can feel great about using.

Of course, we continue to offer the printable recipes if you'd rather just make it yourself.

Jeff's Original Rub (Bottled)

The original rub was originally created for pork ribs but over time, I realized that it was destined for so much more. We have used the original rub on pork, beef, lamb, poultry, fish, seafood, and even vegetables and it never fails to impress the tastebuds.

If that was all it did, that would be enough but it goes further and creates that perfect bark on the outside of the meat, not too crunchy, not too chewy, not too soft– “just right” bark.

I always tell people that it's the perfect balance of sweet and heat but in saying that, I can affirm to you that it's neither overly sweet nor overly spicy. Each element is there but doesn't overpower the other or cover up the natural flavor of the meat.

Not only is this rub low in salt, it has no MSG, silicon dioxide, fillers, preservatives, or artificial color. In other words, you can feel good about eating it. How often does that happen with things that taste this good?

Purchase a bottle today and try it for yourself, I'm pretty sure you'll be glad you did;-)

Jeff's Texas Style Rub (Bottled)

A few years after the original rub recipe was created, people started asking for a rub with no sugar. Some wanted it for diet reasons and others just wanted a savory-only rub they could use on beef and seafood which some feel is better with no sweetness.

Thus the Texas style rub came into being and while it was really good on beef and seafood, I found that it was also good on most other meats like pork, poultry, lamb, etc. or anytime you were cooking a dish that called for a savory profile rather than sweet.

The Texas style rub has no MSG, silicon dioxide, fillers, preservatives, or artificial colors and is gluten free. Use it liberally on whatever you are cooking, indoors or outdoors and be sure to leave some on the table for an all-around seasoning.

Nab yourself a bottle or two of this, you'll thank me later!

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  1. Hi, I’m looking for your original rub around Tulsa and couldn’t find it. Curious if you sell in stores around here. Thanks in advance.

    1. We had a store or two that was carrying it but they’ve moved or closed down. We are super excited about Schools coming in to Tulsa in 2024 at the Woodland Hills mall since they carry all of our products.

      The closest store that carries our products at this time is the Nut House in Claremore.

  2. Hi Jeff, I joined your forum a few years ago but I see no way to login. I bought your recipe’s and can’t find them because my computor crashed. Can you help me please.

  3. Just received my Sample kit of the two rubs and BBQ sauce… absolutely positively the most exceptionally delicious rubs and sauce I’ve ever had!!! Will be ordering lots more to send around the country to my kids and friends… ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY DELICIOUS!!!

  4. Jeff, met you today and enjoyed the “pit” talk! I’m a huge fan of you, your recipes, and your products! I would much rather support the “little” guy as the big corps. I will be ordering more in the near future. Or I’ll just make a road trip to visit again. Thanks for all of your (and your family’s) hard work on a great product.

  5. Congrats Jeff! Glad to see your great products available in an online store now. I’ve been a user of your rubs and sauces and all techniques and tips for years. You have a great knowledge of the trade and I am happy to support in another way. I would say I wish I could buy it in bulk, but we both know a good rub is best when fresh off the shelf, or made at home. Keep on keeping on and good luck!

    1. Joe, more rub is on the way to Amazon right now and should be available within just a few days. We have also shipped barbecue sauce as well and that will also be available. The demand has been so much greater than we could have ever predicted it would be and the supplier is scrambling to ramp up to the level that we need to prevent outages. I appreciate everyone’s patience as we work the kinks out of this exciting process.

  6. if Rick and Gill would only purchase your rub and bbq sauce recipes for one low price, then they can make their own damn rub as I have. Best of luck Jeff.

  7. Congrats Jeff been using your sauce & rubs for about 10 years now looking forward to trying your bottle products very happy for you your products are exelexcel ? ???

  8. Congrats Jeff!!! Huge step and glad to see your efforts rewarded. My family and friends are all fans of all 3 and your great recipes. Thank you and continued success.

  9. congrats jeff, it should be a big seller. I purchased your recipes years ago and use the on everything!!!

  10. Excellent news Jeff! I just ordered a bottle of each, even though I have the recipes. Good luck venturing into product sales on Amazon.

  11. Proud of you man! I have subscribed to your email for a long time and I am glad to see you able to commercialize your good work! Best of luck to you!

  12. Jeff congratulations on your new rugs been and ready to use format. My question would be most other rubs that are out there that are at big brand name are the same price but for twice the amount of product why is your so high .

    1. Rick, If they are selling twice the rub on Amazon for the same cost then it’s possible they are cutting corners somewhere. See my reply to Gill below. I hope to get the price down eventually but as a “small fish” in a big pond, I don’t have the buying power that Kraft does and certainly can’t compete with them. I think my quality, flavor and lack of MSG, preservatives, artificial colors, etc. will make up the difference.

  13. Would like to try both but too expensive, and then add shipping to it. If th bottles were bigger then maybe. But love the recipes have tried many.

    1. Gill, ounce for ounce, my rub is about the same price as other high quality, low-salt rubs fulfilled by Amazon. Rub makers that add a lot of salt, additives, MSG, etc get the product produced cheaper and can therefore sell it for less. I went for quality, low salt, no MSG, fillers, preservatives or artificial colors and I think it shows. Of course, I also have to pay Amazon a fee to store, pick, pack and ship the product. When it’s all said and done, I get a small cut for my trouble. The ultimate goal is to get it into stores where the price can be significantly lower but all things in their time;-)