Jeff’s Barbecue Sauce In a Bottle!

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I am so excited to announce that the original barbecue sauce that everyone loves so much is now available in a bottle, already made.

I have been wanting to do this for years but as some of you veteran food manufacturers know, there's more to putting sauce in a bottle than meets the eye. It's a lot of work, expense and careful planning.

Thin Blue Foods now has its own warehouse/shipping center where we package and ship the bottles of rubs and sauce just as soon as orders come in.

If you want to try a bottle or three, go on over to the online store and check it out. Once you've used it, be sure to give it a review so others will know what it tastes like, what it's good on, not good on, etc.

Just to give you a little description, it's thicker than most sauce, it's sweet and spicy but not too sweet or too spicy. It goes great with everything from ribs to pulled pork to chicken and even makes a great dipping sauce for fries.

If you tend to NOT like barbecue sauce that much, try mine. You may just change your mind!

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  1. Jeff a 10 # Trimmed Brisket, how long to cook on a REc Tec computer controlled heat at 225 Deg. ?

    In general for any Brisket under those circumstances, wrapping at 165, pulling at 202 Deg how long should any weight take to finish?

    1. Many people say 1.5 hours per pound however it depends more on the thickness and this formula doesn’t always work. For a typical 10 lb brisket, I’d say 12-14 hours generally. It will usually reach 140 in about 4 hours and then it slows down from there forward.

  2. Jeff, love your sauce! Been making it for years. I would love to can it so I don’t have to start from scratch every time.
    What should I add to it to make it canning safe?

    1. Lenny, I am not a canner but based on my research, there is already enough acid due to the tomatoes and lemon juice.. you should not have to add anything. I would consult someone who knows more about canning and it is possible that you could pose this question at the forum and get some great help (https://smokingmeatforums.com).

  3. Just received my Sample kit of the two rubs and BBQ sauce… absolutely positively the most exceptionally delicious rubs and sauce I’ve ever had!!! Will be ordering lots more to send around the country to my kids and friends… ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY DELICIOUS!!!

  4. IamRuss Dynes in Canada, I have been making your runs and sauce for a long and I would like to get some from you but amazon does not deliver it to Canada bummer