The Bradley Digital 4-rack Smoker is a unique electric smoker that uses wood bisquettes fed automatically onto a small hot plate to create constant smoke. A new bisquette moves onto the hot plate every 20 minutes and the old one is pushes off into a bowl of water to be extinguished.

This smoker allows you to set the desired smoke time, oven temperature and cook time and it will maintain these parameters for you.

For instance, if I am smoking chicken, I might set the smoke time to 2 hours, the cook time to 4 hours and the oven temperature to 240 degrees. The Bradley will then feed the bisquettes for 2 hours and then stop. The oven will maintain about 240 degrees and will turn off automatically once 4 hours have expired.

You can change any of these parameters very easily, on the fly which makes this unit extremely nice when you want to smoke cook something for a while but you have other things to do or you need some sleep.

Setup and Cooking Instructions

The Bradley has 4 racks on which to place food, a small bowl to catch the spent bisquettes, a controller to control the temperature, smoke and cook times and a feed mechanism to generate smoke.

I recommend ordering an extra set of Bradley racks to use in your other smokers. They are great for carrying food to and from the smoker without having to ever remove it from the rack.. you see my use them a lot for this reason.

The insides

4 racks

The controller allows you to set the smoke and cook times and the oven temperature.

Bradley controller

You have to determine how long you want to to cook, how long you want the smoke to keep going and what temperature you want to maintain. You then just dial in the numbers using the super easy buttons.

The bisquette holder

The bisquit holder

Here's the bisquettes lined up.. one is on the hot plate at the end. Every 20 minutes a new one is pushed into place which pushes the spent one off into the water bowl.

When you get ready to cook something, you figure up how many hours you want to keep the smoke going, divide that by 20 minute segments and that's how many bisquettes you load plus a couple of extra ones to push the last bisquette into place.

Bisquits lined up

The Bradley allows air in throught the side of the controller and is not adjustable. There is (1) vent at the top of the unit which is adjustable. I normally keep it at about 1/2 open.

Top vent ½ open

Note: I placed the unit up on blocks to get it to a better working level. One of these days, I might just build a special table for it complete with storage for bisquettes and other supplies.

Bradley up on blocks

All in all, I really like the Bradley digital 4-rack smoker and it is a true joy to use. You will discover with use that like most electric smoker, you may not see a smoke ring in your meats due to the lower level of nitrites and nitrates present such as when burning wood, charcoal or gas. The bisquettes are designed to smolder and create smoke and it does not always create a beautiful smoke ring.

This does not bother me and definitely does not affect the flavor but some folks really love their smoke rings so that could be a deal breaker.

The bisquettes come in all different flavors and are readily available from Amazon. Here are a few examples of what is available:

Apple bisquits

Whiskey oak bisquits

Hickory bisquits

I will add more to this page as I think of things that need to be included.

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