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Jeff's Recommended Thermometers

Cooking is as much science as it is an art and while it's not always an exact science, there are aspects of cooking that we can get exact due to the wonderful tools at our disposal. We no longer have to guess temperature based on touch. Why folks are still doing that.. I'll never know . Not judging.. just trying [...]

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Jeff's Recommended Smokers

The following smokers are ones that I own or have cooked on and found to be ones that I would like to recommend. There is not one smoker that is perfect for everyone.. this decision is based purely on preference, lifestyle, and what type of dwelling you live in. For instance, apartment dwellers are probably going to be looking at [...]

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Fireboard Thermometer: Cloud Connected

The Fireboard is a cloud connected bluetooth and wifi thermometer with complete onboard data-logging. With 6 channels available, rechargeable battery and waterproof probes, you can be ready to cook accurately in any situation. I have been so impressed with this small orange and black box from the moment it arrived. From the packaging to turning the thermometer on and actually [...]

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Jeff's Rub Recipes and Sauce Recipe (Instant Access)

Only $ 18.95 for all (3) premium recipes! The Original Rub Recipe A little sweet, just a tad spicy, chock full of flavor and complements the meat perfectly every time! What's more? It's only 8 common ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry or spice cabinet and you can mix up a fresh batch really fast whenever you need [...]

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Thermoworks “Smoke” Gateway (Wi-fi Bridge)

The "Smoke" thermometer by Thermoworks is a really great thermometer all on it's own.. no help needed but as with most things, anything can be made better with features. The newest feature or accessory for the "Smoke" is a gateway (wifi bridge) that connects the Smoke thermometer to your wifi signal/internet and then the app on your smartphone or smart [...]

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ThermoWorks “Smoke” Wireless Dual Probe Thermometer

The Smoke thermometer by ThermoWorks is wireless, has dual probes, is splash-proof, has extremely rugged construction and amazing battery life not to mention how simple it is to set min/max alarms on the fly. ThermoWorks has established themselves as a leader in the thermometer and temperature sensing industry and the quality and workmanship speaks volumes. Here's a few specs from [...]

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Bacon Wrapped Meatballs aka Moink Balls

Bacon Wrapped Meatballs have been around for at least 40 years and possibly longer than that but were named "MOINK balls" and made popular in 2008 by a man named Larry Gaian. The "MOINK" name is quite significant in that they are made from beef meatballs and half slices of thin pork bacon. Together you have moo + oink or moink balls. If [...]

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Maple Barbecue Pork Tenderloins

Smoked pork tenderloin is lean, delicious and easy to cook in any smoker. I used maple syrup mixed with my original rub (purchase recipes here) to create some nice kick and flavor as well. Helpful Information Prep Time: 30 minutes Cook Time: 60-90 minutes Smoker Temp: 225-240°F Meat Finish Temp: 145°F Recommended Wood: Cherry [...]

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