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7 Favorite Football Appetizers – Smoked and Delicious

smoked chicken wings12

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Football, friends, family, good time.. there's nothing better! I would like to take a little time to show you 7 fan favorite appetizers that you can make in your smoker or grill that will take your football party or get together to the next level.

Smoked Pigs on the Beach
smoked shrimp and sausage 1000x667

The subtle flavor of smoked shrimp combined with the rich flavor of the smoked sausage comes together with a huge flavor burst in your mouth with this wonderful duet of an appetizer […]

Cheesy Smoked Meatballs
cheesy smoked meatballs watermarked

Meatballs and super bowl parties go hand in hand and when they are smoked meatballs full of cheesy goodness, it’s a no brainer! Get ready to cheer on your team with some of the best smoked appetizers and party snacks around […]

Shrimp and Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapeños
shrimp abt1

I have written on several occasions about these glorious smoked, bacon wrapped, cream cheese stuffed jalapeños (known in the smoking community as Atomic Buffalo Turds or ABT’s for short). Well.. this week I have taken that same concept and added a jumbo shrimp into the jalapeño pepper just before stuffing it with cheese and they […]

Smoked Bacon Candy
IMG 5725 2000x1333

Smoked bacon candy doesn’t need a lot of introduction and there’s not a better marriage of foods than what happens when you combine sweet syrup and bacon. Add the smoke factor and this might just knock you off your feet. […]

Honey Barbecue Smoked Chicken Wings
Honey Barbecue Smoked Chicken Wings
Honey Barbecue Smoked Chicken Wings

I have had these honey barbecue smoked wings on my brain for several weeks and decided to not only make a big batch but, to also share them with you. They are brined in buttermilk to make them amazingly tender, marinated in my rub for amazing flavor and then finished with my very own sweet […]

Pecan Smoked Chicken Wings
smoked chicken wings12

There’s not too many foods that I like as well as smoked chicken wings and this week, I just couldn’t help showing off my pecan smoked chicken wings with honey and beer barbecue sauce! The picture looks good enough to eat in my opinion and you can only imagine how good these babies are in real life. […]

Smoked Shrimp – Stuffed and Bacon Wrapped
IMG 0633 2000x1500

I’ve written about smoked shrimp and it was really good but it has so much more potential as I have shown in this newsletter. I have taken extra large shrimp and butterflied them, stuffed them with a cream cheese mixture, wrapped them in a half-slice of bacon and then smoked them to perfection. […]

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