The following smokers are ones that I own or have cooked on and found to be ones that I would like to recommend. There is not one smoker that is perfect for everyone.. this decision is based purely on preference, lifestyle, and what type of dwelling you live in.

For instance, apartment dwellers are probably going to be looking at electric smokers due to possible restraints on open fires and the use of charcoal while folks who live in a house with a backyard may opt for a charcoal smoker.

Regardless of where you live, if you have a really busy lifestyle, you will probably be most happy with a pellet grill or electric smoker due to their ease of use. If you like using REAL wood smoke flavor, you might opt for a pellet grill such as the Camp Chef Woodwind due to the all wood pellets that create the heat that cooks your food and the smoke that flavors it. Take a look at the smokers I have listed and see if one of them fits you perfectly.