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Cooking is as much science as it is an art and while it's not always an exact science, there are aspects of cooking that we can get exact due to the wonderful tools at our disposal. We no longer have to guess temperature based on touch.

Why folks are still doing that.. I'll never know . Not judging.. just trying to understand =)

Here's some of my favorite thermometers.. ones that I use in my everyday cooking and these help me to ensure that the meat is not only safe to eat but perfectly done each and every time I cook.

Thermapen Mk4

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ThermoPro TP19



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ThermoPro TP20


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  1. It seems like the ThermaPen MK4 has been discontinued. It has been replaced by the ThermaPen One. Have you had a chance to test that model and does it also have your recommendation?

    1. Dave, absolutely! I have been using the new Thermapen One for several months now and where it really makes a huge difference is when you’re cooking a lot of chicken wings or something that needs to be checked quickly. I use the thermapen one to stab the wings and move them to my pan. Before I can get them to the pan, I know whether they are properly done. That’s just an example of my use but it’s highly recommended by me.

  2. I like the MEATER with the phone app since that does not require me to open the door of my Masterbuilt (electric, don’t hate) smoker and lose all the smoke to probe the temperature. Thanks for all you do, Jeff.


  3. Hey Jeff, here we are in mid 2020 and I’m wondering about your recommendation for a smoking alarm/thermometer. I had a “Smoke” 2 channel setup in my shopping card and ready to go, but now I see all these neat options like the Meater+, the TP20 for less money, and several Maverick options that you seem confident in… Looking at that $100 price point around where the Smoke is, so the Signals and Fireboard are probably a no-go but if someone wanted your no questions asked first pick for someone just stepping up from cheap walmart probes and thermometers… which one would you go with?

    1. Chris, the ThermoWorks stuff is what you buy if you want the best and want super accurate temperature reading in mere seconds. Having said that, the ThermoPro stuff and the Mavericks are a great step up from the units you find at Walmart and should work just fine for most people. It’s sort of like using Black and Decker tools vs. Dewalt. I used B&D for the first 15 years of my marriage and then after using my brother in laws, DeWalt immediately went out and bought a DeWalt drill motor and bit set.. difference was day and night. The B&D stuff worked fine.. but DeWalt just purred in my hand ;-)

      The meater probes are really nice.. I have the older single probe model and I hear the newer ones are even better.

      Check out the ThermoPro stuff if you haven’t– pretty good step up stuff and of course, the Maverick brand is something I’ve used extensively and had no problems with ever.

      If it was up to me and I was in your shoes, I would go with the TP20. It comes with 2 probes that can be used as a pit and meat or 2 different meats if you prefer. You’ll also get 300+ feet of range which is more than enough for most people and a 3-year warranty.


    1. I have an older version of the Meater which I’ve used here and there and it works well. I do not have a review on it but I have no criticism of it other than the range (about 30 feet max). The newer ones get much better range I’m told and can even connect to Wi-Fi.

      I love the concept of no wires and I hope all of the other meat thermometers will eventually go that route with their probes.

    1. Mithow, I am getting ready to make a post for the Maverick ET- 732, 733 and 735, all of which are great thermometers. I just received review models for the ThermoPro line of thermometers and will be reviewing those soon.