13 Awesome Weekend Recipes for the Smoker

saturday barbecue 2

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Weekends are made for relaxing in your comfy chair with a cold drink, some good tunes and bonus points if you have a favorite person to do that with.

Here's some smoker recipes I like to do on the weekends because they're easy to prepare, they smoke up in just a few hours and, most important of all, they taste amazing.

You're welcome!😀

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  1. Jeff I’m doing your smoked bacon wrapped boneless chicken thighs, the wife is not a fan of vegetables or peppers, any suggestions on what to Putin other than cheese? Thanks Brian

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Something I would like you to try is Red Bull Game Hens! Season as you wish put them on 8.5 ounce Red Bulls and smoke for a couple hours at 225-250. These pull in the flavor and taste awesome!

  3. These all look great. But we are jist a family of 2, so does the cooking time change with smaller portions ?

    1. Carol, the cooking time can certainly change if you cook smaller portions.

      Most cook times are based on thickness of the meat so, for instance, if you cut a pork butt into halves or thirds, then it’s very possible it would take a lot less time to get it done.

      Is there a specific recipe that you are referring to?

  4. Fact: These rubs and BBQ sauce are fabulous. I’ve been using them for years now. I have never made a recipe of Jeff’s that I didn’t like. One of my favorites is Pork Tenderloin on a Stick. If you haven’t tried it you’re missing out. I am never out of the BBQ sauce.

  5. I love my smoker so much that I have 3 ! It’s too cold to smoke anything here in Ohio right now but I’m looking forward to warmer weather to get going.

    I’ve been on Your list for years. Your emails are really good. I’ve been smoking meat for about 6 years. I’ve done a huge pork butt because I just don’t know how to cook small. I came from a big family. Ha ha. A family favorite is my 6 cheese- Mac n cheese.

    I love ribs. Mine come out technically “ruined” because I like them when the bones fall out.

    Keep the emails coming. I write just exactly how I think. A bit scattered. Ha ha. No criticism from me on Your emails.

    Thanks for all of them. I know the effort takes a lot of time.

    God Bless you !

    1. I live in Nebraska and my favorite time to smoke is in the winter. Not the bitter cold but anything above freezing Is game on. I bought a thermal blanket for my Yoder and it works great, saving quite a bit on pellet usage.

  6. Your newsletters are a source of information and inspiration. But best of all, you look like you are having fun. Keep on having Fun!