Smoked Meatloaf Recipes that Rock!

meat loaf recipes that rock

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I started doing smoked meatloaf at least a couple of decades ago and I wish I had a dollar for every person that’s told me it made meatloaf great again (MMGA)🤣

Here’s a selection of smoked meatloaf recipes that might just tickle your fancy even if you think you don’t like meatloaf.

For those of you who love meatloaf already, this stuff will rock your world!

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Jalapeno and Buttermilk Meatloaf

My amazing jalapeno buttermilk planked smoked meatloaf is just what the doctor ordered for your tastebuds and you will be mesmerized by how good it is made in your smoker.

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Smoked Meatloaf Stuffed with Jalapeño and Cheese

Mini meatloaf, stuffed with a “cream cheese stuffed jalapeño”, topped with my very own barbecue sauce and bacon crumbles served with hefty portions of colorful peppers and onions cooked on the grill.

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Smoked Meatloaf Logs

Make a delicious meatloaf, form it into a log, wrap it in bacon and you have smoked meatloaf logs. I think you’re really going to like this one!

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Smoked Beef And Pork Meatloaf Muffins

This smoked beef and pork meatloaf recipe might possibly be the most tasty and moist smoked meatloaf I’ve ever tasted.

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Smoked Meatloaf – Better than Ever

Smoked meatloaf is always good but this one uses milk soaked bread and soft cooked vegetables to give it a texture and moisture that takes it over the top.

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Smoked Meatloaf: The Ultimate Comfort Food

Smoked meatloaf is one of those things that affects people in a big way. Almost without fail, every time someone tries it they proclaim that they will never eat “oven meatloaf” again.

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  1. I use approximately equal volumes of meat and rolled oatmeal in my meatloaf. You might need to add an extra egg for moisture to hold it together.
    It comes out nice and “fluffy”, not dense and hard.
    I find that 1 cup of breadcrumbs is not enough to loosen up the density of the meatloaf.