39 Smoked Appetizers

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My kryptonite, without a doubt, is smoked appetizers and almost anything wrapped in American style streaky bacon or made with bacon.

Here's 39 smoked appetizers that I have compiled just for you into one tidy, long page.

If this doesn't have smoked nirvana written all over it, then nothing does!😬

By the way..do you have an appetizer that you make in the smoker that's NOT included in this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Jeff,
    Have you ever tried anything with cucumbers??
    Have many and thoughtyou might have some ideas!!

  2. I would add smoked deviled eggs to this list. I boil the eggs then peel them. Smoke the eggs for approx 20-30 mins then make deviled eggs like normal. I use my own rub mix that has no sugar in it to season the yolk mixture.

  3. I want a bit of everything in that list! Especially next weekend at the start of college football!! Love me some armadillo eggs as well!

  4. Try pre-cooking bacon for stuffed Jalapeños, the cook time is reduced to one hour and the bacon is never limp. The bacon flavor infuses the cheese for subtle flavor and the peppers aren’t so soft.

  5. A wonderful list of great appetizers. But I can’t believe you left off my favorites….smoked chicken livers or gizzards wrapped in thin sliced bacon!

    1. Jim, our family loves rumaki which is chicken livers quartered. Each quarter is topped with a water chestnut and wrapped in bacon then baked for 30+ minutes at around 350°F. I’m not sure why I’ve never done these in the smoker but gotta put that on the list of things to do soon. Thanks for the reminder of how good chicken liver and bacon can be and I bet the smoke just takes it over the top.

  6. Great article. Now let me share with you an old family recipe…bacon wrapped green beans. We have always cooked them in the oven, primarily because we always fix them for special occasions (like Thanksgiving) and they are very labor intensive. The gist is you buy canned WHOLE green beans, drain them, put them in a bundle maybe an inch in diameter, wrap them with bacon, insert a toothpick, and sprinkle liberally with chili powder OR your favorite DRY RUBB (I have my own recipe). Simply cook at about 250 or 300 (in the oven) until bacon is done. I know I can do better on the smoker! You can never fix enough; I have had several people tell me they don’t normally like green beans, but they can’t get enough of these. The process is simple; and variations are limited only by your imagination.